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Marketing to Students for Local and Corporate Businesses

Promote your brand to the largest affinity group in your city. 

Community Engagement

Unibui brings in students from your area to make your business grow! It's easy for customers to redeem offers on both our web and mobile app, they simply walk into your store and scan QR's!

By listing your business on our platform, you can reach your community and hold a permanent place next to the top vendors in your city — every single day. $1 spent with Unibui is 97x more effective than leading competitors.

Track Your Interactions

From the consumer data collected by Unibui, your business can watch student customers closely, track growth, and learn from data metrics with intuitive visualizations in your dashboard.

Unibui brings your local business a 32% increase in daily foot traffic from students in the area each year. That means more revenue and customer loyalty from the thriving social life blood of your city (18-24 year olds).

Shopping Mall

Business Pricing Model

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